Courses Developed and Taught

Graduate Courses

The Multimodal Scholar – Core course for Graduate Certificate in DHMS Spring 2020

Facing the Binary – German Studies and Digital Humanities – Fall 2019

Graduate courses on Modernism:

  • “Modernism and Media Studies: From the Avant-Garde to Electronic Literature”
  • “Gender, Expressionism, and World War I”
  • “Sleepwalking to Berlin: German Literary Aesthetics and Comparative Modernism”
  • “Moderne und Avant-Garde: Manifeste und Medien”
  • “Ästhetik des Expressionismus”
  • “Moderne und Gesamtkunstwerk”

Undergraduate Courses

  • Media Literacy and Data Ethics (General Education grant recipient)
  • Reading Between the Arts (Honors Program, grant recipient)
  • Intercultural Competence for Global Perspectives (for General Education program, grant recipient)
  • Contemporary Germany (for General Education program)
  • Capstone Course (for German Studies program)

Independent Study (Graduate)

  • “Digital Humanities and Fan Studies” (Rebecca Rowe, ENGL), Spring 2020
  • “Towards an applied ethics of intercultural citizenship in global business” (Michael Pfremmer, LCL/GERM), Spring 2019
  • “Vilém Flusser and Multimodal Publishing” (Britta Meredith, LCL/GERM), Fall 2016
  • “Theory of Photography and Videography” (Susana Aho, DMD), Fall 2013
  • “Media Theory, Visual Studies, and Digital Humanities” (Susana Aho, DMD), Spring 2013
  • “Theory of Space” (Carsten Witt, LCL/GERM), Fall 2012
  • “Intercultural Hermeneutics” (Nicole White, LCL/GERM), Spring 2012
  • “Socialism” (Julie Anderson, MCL/GERM), Spring 2011
  • “Avant-Gardes and Performance Art” (Jared Demick, ENGL), Fall 2009

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